I feel like I have an internal battle between expressing my creativity and my need for being hyper-organized. I find myself communicating in bullet here is a little bit about me.

+ I love to read in my kitchen nook.

+ My favorite color is turquoise blue.

+ I love breakfast...anytime of the day.

+ I have 17 Dahlia plants in my garden.

+ Travel is only six little letters, but it means the world to me.

+ The most obscure place I've been is a small island off the tip of Oman.


+ I learned from windsurfing in the Gorge, I truly hate the wetsuit wedgy.

+ Thanks to my Dad, I have a beautifully restored Model A in my garage.

+ My early mid-life crisis is a classic motorcycle.

+ My favorite yoga pose is Crow Pose, while my least favorite is Warrior One.

+ I speak German with my family, thank goodness they are so patient with me.

+ I love dark chocolate, I keep an entire drawer of it.

+ I have been in love with photography since I took a class in it at the age of '13'.